Board of Directors

Banrisul’s board of directors is a decision-making corporate body, responsible for establishing its general business policies, including its long-term strategy. The board is also responsible, among other attributions, for the supervision of performance of its executive officers. The decisions of its board of directors are made by majority of votes of the members at any meeting.

Members of the Board of Directors Title
Ademar Schardong Chairman
Cláudio Coutinho Mendes Vice-Chairman
Irany de Oliveira Sant’Anna Junior Member
Márcio Gomes Pinto Garcia Member
Eduardo Cunha da Costa Member
Ramiro Silveira Severo Member, independent member
Jorge Luís Tonetto Member, independent member
João Verner Juenemann Member, independent member
Rafael Andréas Weber Member elected by minority shareholders, independent member
Adriano Cives Seabra Member elected by preferred shareholders, independent member

Executive Officers

Banrisul’s executive officers are its legal representatives, in charge, principally, of its day-to-day operations and implementation of the general policies and guidelines established by the board of directors.

Executive Officers Title
Cláudio Coutinho Mendes Chief Executive Officer
Irany de Oliveira Sant’Anna Junior Deputy CEO and Risk and Controlls Officer
Claíse Müller Rauber Products, Segments and Digital Channels Officer
Fernando Postal Distribution and Retail Commercial Officer
Jorge Fernando Krug Santos Information Technology Officer
Marcus Vinícius Feijó Staffen Financials and Investor Relations Officer
Osvaldo Lobo Pires Credit and Operations Officer
Raquel Santos Carneiro Institutional Officer
Suzana Flores Cogo Administrative Officer

Fiscal Council

Pursuant to Law No. 6,404/76, a fiscal council is an entity independent from its administration, entrusted with ensuring that management activities comply with the duties established in the company’s bylaws and by law. Banrisul’s fiscal council is permanently convened, and its role is to review management activities and financial statements and to report its conclusions to the Bank’s shareholders.

Members of the Fiscal Council Title
Bruno Pinto de Freitas Member, appointed by main shareholder
Rogério Costa Rokembach Member, appointed by main shareholder
Marco Aurélio Santos Cardoso Member, appointed by main shareholder
Massao Fábio Oya Member, appointed by the preferred shareholders
Gustav Penna Gorski Member, appointed by the minority shareholders
Bruno Queiroz Jatene Alternate, appointed by main shareholder
Tanha Maria Lauermann Schneider Alternate, appointed by main shareholder
Vicente Jorge Soares Rodrigues Alternate, appointed by main shareholder
Maria Elvira Lopes Gimenez Alternate, appointed by the preferred shareholders
Leonel Volmar Braz Ortiz Alternate, appointed by the minority shareholders

Audit Committee

In compliance with National Monetary Council Resolution No. 3,198/04 and amendments, Banrisul established the Audit Committee, which may be shared with companies controlled by the Company, having a relevant role in supporting the Board of Directors, strengthening its mission to protect the Company‘s best business interests. In this sense, the Committee should monitor the effectiveness of internal controls and protection policies and procedures in relation to fraud, conflicts of interest and other deviations that may impact the organization. Matters related to compliance (both in relation to standards and legislation, as well as in relation to internal policies), risks, auditing and financial statements, are the object of work of the Audit Committee.

Members of the Audit Committee Position
Antoninho Scottá Member
Carlos Biedermann Member
Eraldo Soares Peçanha Member
João Verner Juenemann Member
João Carlos Bona Garcia Member

Eligibility and Compensation Committee

The Eligibility and Compensation Committee is a statutory body, as set forth by the National Monetary Committee (Conselho Monetário Nacional, or CMN) Resolution No. 3921/2010 and Law 13303/2016, and reports directly to the Board of Directors. Its competence is to assist the Board of Directors in the conduct of the compensation policy for Board Members and analysis of requirements and fences for indication and evaluation of Management, members of the Fiscal Council and Statutory Committees.

Members of the Audit Committee Position
Arnaldo Bonoldi Dutra Coordinator
José Luiz Castro Mendel Member
Giusepe Lo Russo Member

Risk Committee

In compliance with the provisions of Resolution No. 4,557/17 of the National Monetary Council, Banrisul established the Risk Committee, which is permanently in operation, with the objective of identifying, measuring, evaluating, monitoring, reporting, controlling and mitigating credit, market, variation of interest rates, operating, liquidity, socio-environmental and other relevant risks according to criteria to be established by the Company.

Members of the Risk Committee Position
João Zani Coordinator
José Luis Campani Lourenzi Member
Carlos Eduardo Schonerwald da Silva Member
Ademar Schardong Member
Márcio Gomes Pinto Garcia Member

Committees and other policies

Banrisul has 15 (fifteen) committees organs to assist the Executive Board, named:

a) Banking Management Committee;
b) Economic Management Committee;
c) Business Management Committee;
d) Marketing Management Committee;
e) Administrative Management Committee;
f) Internal Controls Management Committee;
g) Information Technology Management Committee;
h) Credit Committee;
i) Personnel Management Committee;
j) Investment Committee;
k) Asset Pricing Committee:
l) Corporate Risk Committee;
m) Treasury Committee;
n) Credit Recovery and Restructuring Management Committee;
o) IT Demanding Prioritization Committee.

Each Committee has at least 4 (four) and at most 12 (twelve) members, as an exception the Channel Management Committee that has as members, in addition to the Superintendents of the Units, the Regional Superintendents and the General Manager of the Central Office.

Members of the Committees are the Unit Superintendents, Superintendent of Advisory Services, Regional Superintendents, Executive Secretary of the Banking Management Committee and the General Manager of the Central Office, named by the Executive Board. The Banking Management Committee is composed of Executive Officers and Coordinators of other Committees.

The Coordinator of the Committee or the Group is entrusted with convening and presiding over the meetings of the respective organ. Subject to the regulations of the Executive Board, it is due to each Committee opine on matters pertaining to its respective area, after being submitting them to the Executive Board for discussion. The Executive Board shall determine the scope of the Committees, within which they shall have decision-making power. The Coordinators of the Committees and the Groups, if any, shall be nominated by the Executive Board and shall be represented at the monthly meetings of the Executive Board.

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